Nursing Learning Gains

Explore different strategies and opportunities for professional development in nursing that can help you achieve learning gains, including pre- and post-learning assessment scores, earning certificates, finding mentors, and pursuing advanced education.

The Power of Social Interaction in Work-Based and Collaborative Learning Environments

Work-based and collaborative learning environments are effective in promoting deep, meaningful learning. This article explores the role of social interaction in such environments, highlighting practical strategies for educators and learners. Learn about the benefits of work-based and collaborative learning, the role of social interaction in learning, and practical strategies for promoting social interaction such as structured collaborative activities, peer feedback and assessment, and collaborative reflection and debriefing.

How Essay Writing Enhances Critical Thinking, Writing, and Research Skills

Essay writing promotes critical thinking, writing, and research skills. Learn how students can benefit from essay writing through examples of how it helps them develop analytical and evaluative skills, communicate their ideas effectively, and conduct research.

Understanding Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Studies: Benefits for Improving Learning Outcomes

Discover how longitudinal mixed-methods studies can provide valuable insights into the development of students over time, contributing to improved learning outcomes. Learn about appropriate data collection methods, time intervals, and strategies to address potential challenges. Examples of studies are also presented.

Learning Technology Trends to Watch in 2022-2023

Discover the latest learning technology trends that are poised to transform the way we learn in 2022-2023. From nano-learning and micro-learning to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, explore how these innovative technologies are changing the face of education.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Books for Quoting in Various Subjects

Quoting is an essential aspect of academic writing, but different subjects have different citation styles, making it challenging to know which book to use. This comprehensive guide provides you with the best books for quoting in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, including the official guides and other useful resources. Whether you're a student or a researcher, understanding these citation styles is critical to ensure accuracy and consistency in your academic writing.