University of Surrey

Professor Ian Kinchin is a professor in the Higher Education at University of Surrey. Before joining the department in September 2012, he was at King’s Learning Institute where he was involved in the professional development of academic staff, whilst undertaking research into university pedagogy. His current research interests are focused on the development of the concept of the ‘expert student’ through the application of concept mapping, as part of an authentic pedagogy for Higher Education. More info at:

Professor Steven Warburton is the Head of Department of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) at the University of Surrey. He is also a Fellow of the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London and an Associate Research Fellow at King’s Learning Institute, King’s College London. He leads a team dedicated to deploying technologies to enhance the learning and teaching experience across the institution. More info at:

Dr Simon Lygo-Baker, is Head of the Department of Higher Education at the University of Surrey. He has substantial experience of researching, developing and supporting learning and teaching at institutional level. He has significant experience of undertaking collaborative research across a variety of disciplines into innovative teaching approaches to enhance learning. More info at: