ABC Learning gains presented at ESRC Belfast conference

Jekaterina Rogaten from the OU gave a ESRC Festival public talk aimed at academic and non-academic audiences about the future of HE and research on learning gains that is done as part of the ABC learning gains project The discussion was centred around topic of Big Data in education and how it shapes the future of higher education in UK. The session was interactive with participants invited to debate what is good and what is bad about using Big Data in education, and what learning gains we expect HE students to make. The talk covered how learning analytics can be used to predict someone’s success or failure and how universities can use this data to advance students’ learning. Using learning analytics we can predict how well students will do in their courses and identify students who need a helping hand to progress and achieve their academic potential. Learning analytics can also help us to design better educational environment that is effective in facilitating knowledge, skills and abilities development. The talk also covered how we can as HE providers use learning analytics to the advantage of teachers, students and policy makers.

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